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Hey there!

Rob McLellan here!  I’m an Authorised Marriage Celebrant based in magnificent Melbourne and
doing my part to make the wedding ceremony the highlight of any couple’s special day!

I’m committed to delivering the full consultation you deserve in the lead up to your big day.
After all, your wedding ceremony might only last around 25 minutes, but the memory it creates for you and your guests lasts a lifetime.


A lot of people ask
"Why celebrancy?"

Three reasons come to mind:

I'm a sucker for love!

A little mushy...YES! 
But the importance of love
(giving it and receiving it) has never been more important.   

I truly believe in marriage
So much so that I’ve married my husband twice.  Firstly in 2012 at our commitment ceremony, and secondly in 2018 when we were able to legally marry (YAAAY for equality!!)

It's an amazing gig! 

I take real pride in being a marriage celebrant, because it enables me to maximise the things I'm most passionate about.  I'm also enormously grateful to play a part in such a special moment.  

A few things you can count on 

Full service consultation

I’ll be with you, guiding you through the process, right up to the moment I introduce you as a newly married couple.

A couple-centred approach
I'll work with you, design and refining your ceremony until it's perfectly you, as a couple.

Creativity and ideas
There's a lot of flexibility in the design of your ceremony, so let's get creative!  I'll bring the ideas and work with you to create something amazing.

Love is all around!


Get in touch!

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